Yoni Steam
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Yoni Steam

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Your Yoni is the doorway of life ( literally) She should be cared for and loved like the rest of your body, And I can help you do just that!

► Let's make a baby- Great for getting the womb ready to conceive and nurture baby

► Rephresh- After having your lovely bundle of joy and being cleared by your doctor, helps freshen you up and heal your yoni.

► Me Time- when you want to relax, unwind, and just be.

► Yoni Steams help rejuvenate your womanhood. Made with herbs and botanicals that have healing properties. They can be used around the time of your cycle to lessen cramps or afterward to help cleanse. Great for after birth recovery (After being cleared by your doctor) *Do not use while pregnant or if you may be pregnant* These Items will help you stay fresh and confident in your Yoni's health.

► Homemade & Handmade - I take extra time to make sure all ingredients used are ethically sourced, and cultivated with love. I make everything in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

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