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This combo has some customer favorites, as well as an Elite Daily  2020 editor pick!

2-in-1 Glowing Exfoliating Scrub- A gentle exfoliant that helps lighten dark marks, correct hyper-pigmentation, and brightens overall complexion. Providing you with a  healthy natural glow. 

Botanical Bath Salt- This 16oz beauty has been raved about by many for the calming yet luxurious feel it provides. It has been named in an editors pick for 2020!

Bronzing Butter- Special blend of oils and natural plant based butters that are whipped to perfection. Melting on contact with your skin leaving a beautiful shine that would even make the sun envious.

Mermaid Scrub- A magical mixture of flowers mixed with wonder to provide a creamy scrub that will leave your skin soft and supple. This jar of wonder is FREE with the bundle.