Lavender Lemonade Foaming Scrub
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Lavender Lemonade Foaming Scrub

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A unique blend of floral fragrances and oils that will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Can be used in the shower or leave by the sink for a quick hand exfoliator. The sugar helps to slough off dead skin to leave skin rejuvenated and smooth

►Directions- Wet skin and scoop out desired amount and rub in a circular motion over skin to create a luxurious lather. May cause surfaces to become slick, so please be cautious entering and exiting.

► Made with skin nourishing oils and butters to leave your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Essential oils and fragrances to leave you with a pleasant sent that lingers but is never over powering.

► Homemade & Handmade - Due to this product being handmade by myself some colors and patterns may vary.