Deluxe Blossoming Bosom Package

Deluxe Blossoming Bosom Package

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This package comes with everything you need to help your bosom blossom!

►Blossoming Bosom Scrub- This scrub is a gentle exfoliator designed to be used on the chest and breast area. It is made with Kelp that has 60 minerals and 21 essential amino acids that will nourish your skin. It can also double as a chest mask. (4oz)

 Healing Salve- This salve is great for moisturizing the skin and aid in the healing of abrasions. It is great to use on sore and cracked nipples. It can also be used while breastfeeding! (All ingredients are breastfeeding safe!) Just whip it out and feed! (2oz)

Moisturizing Serum- Specialty oil blend that can be used day and night. Designed to be used on the chest area, can be used during self exams. (1oz)

Massage Soap Bar- This soap bar massages you and helps with circulation, oh! and it cleans you too!

Ribbon Bomb - A beautiful BCA ribbon bath bomb that will soothe the skin and create a luxurious bath.