Botanical Bath Cake
Botanical Bath Cake
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Botanical Bath Cake

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Moisturizing bath cake that melts slowly, releasing all the skin loving butters and oils. Your skin will be super moisturized to the point you may not even need a moisturizer after exiting the tub! Bath Cakes can but broken and used multiple times.

►Directions- Fill tub and place a whole scoop or cake in the tub ( or break in half in you like) sit back and relax while the cake does its work. *Cake may cause surface of tub to be slick, use caution when exiting tub*

► Made with skin nourishing oils and butters to leave your skin feeling moisturized and smooth. Essential oils and fragrances to leave you with a pleasant sent that lingers but is never over powering. As well as a blend of healing flowers and herbs to help boost the skins overall health.

► Comes in two varieties: Lavender and Botanical

► Homemade & Handmade - Due to this product being handmade by myself some colors and patterns may vary.

► PRE/POST- if using POST allow 3-4 weeks after birth