Return Empties

Here's what you can return:

* Full size 4oz Jars, 1oz and 2oz dropper bottles. Containers must be empty, completely cleaned out, and undamaged to receive full credit.
* You can earn 200 points($2.00) per full sized container and 100 points ($1) per shipment
* You must have a Nailey's Naturals rewards account to earn credit. Does not apply to wholesale accounts.*

Here's How:

* First you will fill out the form below so we know to expect your return
* Return your cleaned out containers to: Nailey's Naturals ATTN: J. El 15300 37th ave N Building A 104, Minneapolis, MN 55446 ( It is recommended to use priority shipping that way you can track the shipment. We will not be sending out labels for your returns)
* Please include you Rewards account number or email associated, as well as your name
* Please use recycled or eco-friendly materials if possible
* If possible please save as many as you can before you ship them to offset the carbon emissions from the courier transport

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