For the month of July-August16th A raffle will be taking place! A large portion (77%) of the sales will be going to a variety of causes. One that will be highlighted is the LGBT funder which helps those in the LGBT+ community in various ways. The second chariy I would like to give to would be to TCkids Mental Health, they help BIPOC youth who were impacted by the death of George Floyd. 

I would love to donate to some other causes such as the MotherBaby program, food bank, and sponsor a Mother.

I hope I am able to do all thing, but I know some may have to be on the next go-around.


The raffle prize will be 

5XL bath bombs assorted

2oz Rose or Lavender serum

8oz Glowing 2-in-1

Baby Butter

Shimmering Butter Gold or Bronze

2 Soap bars assorted

24K Gold Serum

Sore muscle scrub

Mermaid scrub

8oz Botanical Salt


If you would like to just donate (100%) please use