We all know the saying you are what you eat, as what we put in our body directly affects our general health. Yet no one seems to warn you that what we put on our skin, such as makeup and lotions, also affects our health.

The skincare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and when you pick up a bottle of your favorite product, you often are greeted with a multitude of ingredients most of which you cannot even pronounce...but I have found the solution!

My name is Jessica (Jayy), and it is those exact ingredients that caused havoc in my life when my daughter was born a year ago. My daughter, Renailey, and I both had terrible skin issues and the products that were recommended were just making everything worse. In fact, many of the creams, lotions, and skin treatments that were supposed to help were labeled unsafe for my newborn child leaving me with very little options to treat my skin.

It was at this time that I also began struggling with my milk supply and I could not figure out what was going on. I ate right, took my vitamins, and did everything I was supposed to be doing yet I continued to have issues.

This began a ton of research on my part and to my surprise, the ingredients in the products I was using to help my skin, were causing my milk supply to suffer! I felt awful! I felt like I had betrayed my lovely daughter because I was so careless and uninformed about the risk of the multitude of unpronounceable ingredients I was using.

This was unacceptable! Mothers have enough to worry about, what they put on their skin shouldn't be one of them! No mother should have to worry that a simple cream, lotion, or soap will affect her milk supply!

This was the beginning of my creating Nailey's Naturals, an all-natural line of products that are designed and tested to actually work without harming yourself, or your precious little ones!

I researched and tested out natural remedies and began creating formulas that actually worked for both of us while being safe and healthy. I want to help other mothers who may be suffering the same as I was and I need your help to get my Nailey’s Natural products out to the masses!

" Being a Mother is hard, your body changes during pregnancy. You spend all your time catering to this precious bundle of joy that you forget about yourself. You stare at you new body in the mirror and you think "Who is this person?".  Yourself esteem takes a big hit. You should feel empowered and beautiful, because thats exactly what you are" ~ Jessica El.