Nailey's Naturals was founded by Jessica El. The idea of all natural products came about while she was pregnant with her daughter. She tried products from over the counter as well as doctor prescribed medication, but was unable to find relief. After the birth of her daughter her skin seemed to get worse and now her newborn was suffering with skin issues as well. So she began researching and testing formulas on herself. Her goal we to make sure that the products she made would not affect her milk production or upset her daughters sensitive skin. She worked tirelessly until she made a product she was confident in. She created products that she began using on her daughter and her skin began changing for the better. Now it was time to work on herself, putting all her hard work into play she created products that not only helped her skin become healthier, but made her feel confident. She began loving her skin again, and wanted to bring that same feeling to all Mothers. Thus Nailey's Naturals was born.


" Being a Mother is hard, your body changes during pregnancy. You spend all your time catering to this precious bundle of joy that you forget about yourself. You stare at you new body in the mirror and you think "Who is this person?".  Yourself esteem takes a big hit. You should feel empowered and beautiful, because thats exactly what you are" ~ Jessica El.